Extract files from *.msi in Linux shell

MSI is a format used for application installation in Windows.

Today I had to extract exe file from MSI file and I found a very simple way to do it in Linux.

It turned out that 7zip windows application is able to extract files from MSI files. At first I check that it worked in Windows:

For the Linux I used the 7z command: 7z x msi-file.msi

For example:

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Yuli Stremovsky
Yuli StremovskyKesem.IO CTO
Yuli is experienced software security architect, is a co-founder of Kesem.IO, working as a company CTO.
KESEM.IO is creating a trusted, fast, secure and easy to use solution to guarantee mobile payments on blockchain enabled digital assets.
Before Kesem.IO, Yuli was a founder of a database security company GreenSQL/Hexatier which was acquired by Huawei.

Some my code is available at:

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