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Hello World from #NET docker container in Linux

As developers are moving to containerize software deployment mostly running on Linux servers, Microsoft does not want to stand behind. Microsoft has officially released docker containers to run asp.net and #net applications. For example, now you can create asp website and run it in container, or you can create an API service in C#. Few… Read More »

Using Redis as a queue

Redis is a great key / value in memory database. It can be used as an efficient queue as well. One or multiple producers can push events to queue and one or multiple consumers can read data from Redis. Producer side The producer can push data to consumers using RPUSH Redis command. This command pushes… Read More »

6 Reasons Why You Need CDN

I always used to think that CDN is only for big corporations and for big websites – for enterprise customers. It turned out that any webmaster can basically start using the CDN server to speed up his website. I started to use CDN here at cloudinvent.com and it speeds up my website. It just took… Read More »

10 Apache Security and Hardening Tips

The Apache web server is a crucial part of the website infrastructure. It has a number of built in features that can improve your website resistance to attacks. The following document covers a number of steps that will help you to achieve this goal. *** This document was originally published in 2013, so, it is… Read More »

10 Tips for Using Docker Like a Pro

I enjoy working with Docker. I am running Docker in production environment and it gives me great performance. Today I decided to build a list of 10 commands and tips that I consider most valuable. Tip 1: docker run –rm container After executing Docker container, –rm flag will make sure to clean container leftovers. So… Read More »