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6 Reasons Why You Need CDN

I always used to think that CDN is only for big corporations and for big websites – for enterprise customers. It turned out that any webmaster can basically start using the CDN server to speed up his website. I started to use CDN here at cloudinvent.com and it speeds up my website. It just took… Read More »

Removing date from WordPress urls

Creating a blog with WordPress has never been easy as before. After setting up the latest WordPress blog I noticed that by default all posts have a date as part of the URL. Some SEO experts recommend removing dates from URL. Google can use a blog post date as a strong page factor when displaying… Read More »

Minify css files in linux shell

Yesterday morning, I have few hours to work on my blog and I  decided to spend some time optimizing my website load time. It is a bit tricky but should pay it in terms of Google traffic. So, to check the website speed, I am using the best tool ever! It is made by Google… Read More »