10 Tips for Using Docker Like a Pro

I enjoy working with Docker. I am running Docker in production environment and it gives me great performance. Today I decided to build a list of 10 commands and tips that I consider most valuable. Tip 1: docker run –rm container After executing Docker container, –rm flag will make sure to clean container leftovers. So… Read More »

Minify css files in linux shell

Yesterday morning, I have few hours to work on my blog and I  decided to spend some time optimizing my website load time. It is a bit tricky but should pay it in terms of Google traffic. So, to check the website speed, I am using the best tool ever! It is made by Google… Read More »

10 Steps to install TeamCity with Postgresql using official docker images

Today, I was working on a new challenge. Setting up TeamCity with official JetBrains docker images. Some background. TeamCity is a perfect tool if you need Continuous Integration solution. One day I hope I will write an article explaining why TeamCity is so great. Today I will concentrate on the technical steps only. Official documentation… Read More »

Setting up RAID 5 on HP ProLiant DL360 server

A few days ago I got a new toy 😉 It is a brand new HP ProLiant DL360 server with very impressive specs: 224 GB RAM 2 x Intel Xeon CPU, 10 Cores each The server comes as U1 standard factor with 8 slots for disks. 4 slots were occupied by disk, each one is… Read More »

Hello world!

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