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Hello! I'm Yuli, a software developer and a DevOps specialist with many years of hands-on experience. I was deploying software to bare-metal servers and packaging software in RPM and DEB files before the DevOps position was even created. I have extensive experience with AWS, GCP, and Azure, having worked with notable companies such as Checkpoint, RSA Security, and Unbound Security.

I can build pipelines for Jenkins, Bamboo, Bitbucket Pipelines, GitLab Pipelines, GitHub Actions, CircleCI, TeamCity, and more.

If you're bootstrapping and budget-stressed, we have a special startup plan for you!

Let's have a chat. Your first pipeline will be ready in 24 hours!

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I love to simplify complicated pipelines

✔️ How to implement graceful deployment strategies to minimize downtime and ensure a smooth transition to the new version?

✔️ What are secure and recommended practices for passing cloud credentials during the container build process?

✔️ How to deploy the new version on clould machines with private IPs or via VPN?

✔️ How to sign artifacts and containers in secure and effective way?

✔️ How should microservice versions be managed?

Exclusive bonus

You will get access to a unique cloud cost optimization tool that I have built at no additional charge.

Product screenshot:

cloud cost optimization tool

Dockerfile challenge - FREE

⚠️ I'm confident I can find at least 3 issues with your Dockerfile.

Submit the largest Dockerfile you use and I'll be happy to share my feedback!